Hydraulic reverser takes headache out of tightly plugged cylinder

BRANDON — A plugged threshing cylinder throws cold water on your spirits and sometimes gives you more than just a pain in the neck. A faster, easier reverser is the best remedy.

That’s the conclusion Richard Arnold came to a few years ago when working to unplug his CX8070.

The Hamiota, Man., farmer pinched a nerve in his neck pulling on the standard factory wrench that’s intended to reverse the cylinder. The incident resulted in pain and tingling in his arm that took more than a year to heal.

A faster, easier reverser was clearly the best way to prevent a repeat of the injury. Working with his son, Douglas, over a three year period, they developed the AI-100CX Reverser.

Douglas said the manual wrench that comes with the combine is simply not up to the task of moving a tight plug.

“Instead of the manual wrench, our ratcheting reversal system has a long handle that lets you lift it up to the end of the pulley. It plumbs into the combine’s regular hydraulics. The spool valve lets you push it back and forth,” he said.

“You rock the cylinder back and forth to break up the lump, then engage the ratchet in reverse to turn it out of the cylinder. We can get a slug out in one-tenth the time it takes with the manual wrench, and that’s an economic factor. It keeps the combine working.”

Arnold Innovations make the reversers for New Holland and Claas Lexion combines. On Claas Lexion combines, it installs the reverser on the right side because that’s the strongest place for it.

Using the same basic ratchet system originally developed for New Holland combines, the AI-100Lexion Reverser eliminates the need to loosen the belts or use a rope to pull back on the cylinder. The Lexion kit includes a new pulley hub.

The kit costs $3,500 to $4,000, depending on whether it is for high hydraulic pressure or low hydraulic pressure.

Douglas said they are also developing hydraulic reversers for New Holland CR twin rotor combines and John Deere machines.

For more information, contact Arnold Innovations at 204-412-1900.

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