BASF expands facility in Saskatoon

Agri-products company BASF is expanding its inoculant manufacturing facilities in Saskatchewan, the company has announced.

BASF will invest $10 million to expand facilities based in Sask-atoon.

Biological inoculants produced in Saskatoon are used throughout Canada and around the world.

The company’s existing facility produces seed- and soil-borne inoculants.

BASF marketing manager Julia Harnal said the expansion is aimed at meeting the increasing global demand for those products.

The company’s newest product, Nodulator Duo, is a granular inoculant for peas and lentils that contains beneficial rhizobia bacteria, as well as a second biological component, bacillus subtilis, that creates a protective biofilm to protect root systems.

“The expansion is in response to the increasing demand for our biological inoculant solutions worldwide,” Harna said.

“With these investments, our latest innovation, Nodulator Duo, will soon make its way from our facilities in Saskatoon to growers in Canada who seek better plant nu-trition for their crops.”

The Saskatoon investment is part of a larger BASF plan to expand or upgrade eight other North American agri-product manufacturing facilities across North America.

All told, BASF expects to spend $828 million on facilities across the continent, a move aimed at maintaining the company’s position in the seed treatment and inoculant market.

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