Wall announces retirement

Aug 10 (Reuters) – Saskatchewan’s premier Brad Wall resigned unexpectedly on Thursday, saying he was quitting politics after nearly 10 years as the leader of the resource-rich western Canadian province.

Wall, who has been one of Canada’s most popular provincial leaders and was once considered a top contender for leadership of the Conservative party, did not give a reason for his departure in a video streamed on his Facebook page.

“It is hard to lay this duty down, to retire from what has been and what will always be the honour of my working life,” Wall said in his video. “But it is time.”

Wall’s right-leaning Saskatchewan Party holds a legislative majority, and his retirement is unlikely to affect the power balance in the province.

The complete video can be found here.

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  • bufford54

    May his future be bright and prosperous. Men of Brad Walls ilk, are becoming far and few between in this country. He will be missed.

  • Bruce

    Thank you Premier Wall for bringing hope back my province. The last ten years, your ten years, have shown us what’s possible. I wish nothing but the best for you and your family.

  • Happy Farmer

    Thank you Brad Wall. You will be missed.

  • Harold

    I do not live in Saskatchewan, but when Brad Wall was representing his province as a whole he brought to Ottawa the voice of reason unlike other provincial Premiers. Brad Wall after wading in the cess pool called government has likely realized that he is more powerful outside of politics than he had been while sworn into the cess pool and has resigned. The Citizens of Saskatchewan are not sworn to to uphold the Crown and therefore Citizens are more powerful than the Crown corporation and therefore they can dismantle unfavorable policy upon majority will; a sworn Politician alone cannot. The citizens as a whole did not actively support Brad Wall therefore leaving him powerless to create any changes to suit the people of Saskatchewan. Under the circumstances I can understand why a good man has resigned. We elect a private individual among us into government by his or her sayings of goodwill but immediately twisted they are sworn to uphold the crown and the crown agencies before taking their office thus taking away their ability to uphold the will of the people over the Crown. Ever wonder why a politician never does what they say they will do after taking their office? The people of Saskatchewan have never openly and undeniably expressed their uniform majority will and yet expect a uniform and positive change to suit all. A politician cannot make the people stand up; the people have to willingly do it for themselves. It is the peoples’ failure and not Brad Walls. A politician cannot be a representative and servant if the majority public refuses to lead him in a clear and concise manner in all aspects of governance. When the public are at odds it leads the way to government corruption. The people have been socially engineered with propaganda and fiction to enable and ensure a war between ourselves preventing any majority standing. We have bought their enticing ideology BS hook, line, and sinker. Brad Wall not being sworn to the illusion of government anymore can become more vocal now and I hope that he will NOT be missed. Brad Wall’s so called failure has now become his strength. Ever wonder why ex-politicians end up in plum position jobs and corporate board rooms while others become non paid activists and others abandon every aspect? The reasons to me are obvious.


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