Heat LQ approved for exportable crops

Harvesting cereals and gaining the upper hand on weeds and Roundup Ready volunteers gets easier with a pre-harvest application of herbicide.

However, it can be a waiting game for herbicide-tolerant weeds and those that are slow to burn down.

Producers looking for another pre-harvest tool recently received good news when the CODEX Alimentarius Commission gave the last foreign buyer approval for the use of BASF’s Heat LQ in a pre-harvest application for wheat and barley.

Saflufenacil, which is formulated as a suspension concentrate, is now allowed for application along with glyphosate, according to the company.

It has been registered for use for some time, but getting all of the buyers on-board delayed its approval for use by the Western Grain Elevators’ Association.

Dan Packer of BASF said that group is now OK with producers using the product, as long as they follow the rules for glyphosate application in a pre-harvest environment with cereals.

“The crop has to be under 30 percent (moisture),” he said.

Producers can apply the tank mixed product at the 10 gallon per acre or greater rate once wheat or barley has reached the hard dough stage.

“This is effective on tough weeds like sow thistle, buckwheat and pigweed and takes out those Roundup Ready canola patches,” said Packer.

“But if growers have heavier stands or canopies, they will want to increase that water rate accordingly.”

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