Boyd charged with environmental/wildlife violations

Former Saskatchewan cabinet minister Bill Boyd will appear in court later this fall on environmental charges.

He faces three counts under The Environmental Management and Protection Act, 2010 and one count under The Wildlife Habitat Protection Act.

Boyd allegedly altered the shoreline and habitat on farmland near Eston, Sask. If he is found guilty, he could be fined millions of dollars.

According to the government, the land is agricultural Crown land and protected under WHPA.

The shoreline alteration is said to have occurred on the South Saskatchewan River sometime this past spring.

Boyd will appear in court Oct. 10.

It’s the latest in a string of alleged wrongdoing by the former Kindersley MLA. He has been at the centre of concerns about overpayments for land for the Global Transportation Hub and most recently was found in conflict of interest for promoting a private irrigation company in China.

He has not been in cabinet for a year and announced in August he would resign as an MLA Sept. 1. After the conflict of interest finding, premier Brad Wall kicked Boyd out of caucus.


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  • Richard

    Sounds like he felt a big sense of entitlement and to be above the law. Sad finish to a good career.

    • Harold

      Your comment is fine on the surface but I myself hate the phrase “above the law” because it is the elite rich who are above the law and they remain accountable while we are using the phrase indiscriminately. I view this politician’s action as “freedom from the law” for gain in wealth and he is now suffering the consequence. The Politician thought that he could be free of the law and not get caught. For an example, you don’t speed down the hi-way because you believe that you are above the law: you speed down the hi-way because you want freedom from the law, but you do suffer those consequences if caught. People who wish to protect their property with a gun want freedom from the law that is preventing it; they do not have the wish to be above the law, they have a wish to uphold the law.
      Above the law is when you are so sheltered that a prosecutor will not dare to prosecute. There are people who want freedom from the law and they break it, and then there are people above the law, and unjustly they are kept and live above the law, so therefore I feel totally unfocused when I use the phrase “above the law” and it is not pointed in the right direction. I believe that the popular phrase “above the law” was engineered and given to us as a smoke screen.

  • Just another crooked Conservative; you can’t expect more.

    • Harold

      He is just an ordinary man who can be bribed and greedy no matter what badge he wore. To place this act under the conservative banner is to blind yourself to the ordinary men and women in the other parties who are capable of the same act. Our own Liberal Prime Minister, another ordinary man, is being investigated by the Ethics Commission for an obvious conflict of interest. Some Politicians are more masterful at hiding their tracks which separate them from the others who are not, and they are in all parties, and they are just ordinary men and ordinary women. As with any ordinary man and ordinary women, you know them by the fruit that they produce; not by the lapel pin that they wear or the flag that they hold.


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