Letters to the editor – July 6, 2017

Saskatchewan finances

Knowing that Premier Brad Wall’s earlier political mentor was Grant Devine should have been a red flag from the beginning.

It was premiers Roy Romanow and Lorne Calvert who pulled this province from the brink. Wall caught and rode a wave while patting himself on the back.

A responsible government would have dealt with a deficit when the economy was high. Wall’s government has squandered millions on white elephants long swept under the rug.

One example being those not-so-smart meters that cost us $45 million, whose sole purpose was to create unemployment. Those Texan “consultants” cost us $40 million. Now there is their slash-burn-and-tax rampage that in-cluded profitable crowns.

To see the Saskatchewan (Transportation Company) ended has much of the province livid. Only a dictator would sell the people’s crowns without their consent. And if you do the math you will find that the cost of that gold road around Regina would keep the STC running for another 105 years.

Local media have made it clear that the STC was costing little more than $11 million in subsidies for operation, carrying 261,531 passengers in 2014, and freight to and from 253 communities, making the (corporation) an essential service in a growing province.

Ridership dropped because routes and schedules were cut.

It seems Wall’s government is “of, by and for” the corporate elite, and the people can go hang.

What’s next? Our schools and health care? Police and prisons? They’re not making a profit either.

Ross Hingston
Landis, Sask.



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