Letters to the Editor: July 13, 2017

NDP misinformation

To the Editor:

Watching the NDP leadership debate brought to my attention the false information the NDP party is spreading in a desperate attempt to gain supporters.

  • Banks do not create money. The federally mandated reserve rate is what creates the money through the banking system.
  • The provincial liquor board stores did not make money for the government. It was the taxes that made the money, which they are still making in the stores which now sell the liquor.
  • The fair share of taxes for corporations is zero because corporations collect the taxes from their customers and pass them to the government. The only problem is that it disadvantages corporations that export in that it makes them non-competitive. This could be the reason that socialist countries are poor countries, making it difficult for them to export, causing them to move to other countries.

Sask. budget

To the Editor

Within the slash and burn 2017 budget of the (Saskatchewan Premier Brad) Wall government, there is something that very few of us have taken into consideration, and yet it is bound to cost us all dearly in the end.

Adding PST on basic insurance is something that very few of us can afford to have, and yet it is that insurance that we cannot afford to be without.

Worse yet, it is yet another costly measure that is going to affect those most vulnerable in our society — a trend of this Wall government that is bound to be remembered for a long time to come.

Brian Mallard, former chairman of the Financial Advisors Association of Canada, has it right when he suggests that the provincial government likely won’t realize the additional revenues that they are projecting.

Sadly, like many other cost saving measures that Saskatchewan residents are now faced with, thanks to this slash and burn budget, they are going to have to make that hard decision as to whether or not they can even afford to keep the insurance on some of the most basic things in life, including life and home insurance.

To me, these should be considered basic essentials and should never be taxed or made unaffordable for anyone in our society.

As a former insurance agent myself, I know all too well about how important basic insurance packages are for all Saskatchewan families. While we never want to think about needing it, it is extremely important to have it there for those unfortunate times in our lives.

Perhaps Mr. Wall needs to reconsider his position on many things in this budget, specifically the corporate tax breaks and the ever-growing boondoggle that is the Regina Bypass, so that he can reverse this extremely short-sighted decision that is bound to hurt residents when they least expect it.



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