Help spouse with tasks if seeking tidy home for children

Q: My wife works hard but she is not organized. She starts a job in the kitchen and then moves into the living room with another project before she is finished in the kitchen. The living room is not quite finished before she is off into another project.

The problem is our young children. I think that if they lived in a neat house that they would more likely grow into neat and tidy adults. The way things are at the moment, that is not likely to happen. They may well be as messy as their mom is. What do you suggest?

A: Children who have been raised in neat and tidy homes are more likely to settle into similar homes when they leave home. Children learn more from modelling than from the lectures we give them.

It would appear that you are counting on your wife to carry the major part of the responsibility for raising neat and tidy kids.

Your wife, for whatever reasons, is presenting all of you with a home that is not quite as organized as you might like it to be. She is not going to change no matter how much you complain.

If you want to present to your children a home that is a little neater, you are going to have to figure out some way of helping your wife finish her tasks.

The house is most often seen as a joint responsibility. Both parents keep it tidy and encourage the children to help in the whole process. This is an opportunity for you and your wife to learn to work together more effectively.

During the busy times on the farm when everyone has to help, the foundation for a good partnership will already be there.

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