Saskatchewan seeding nears completion, most areas need rain

Winnipeg, June 8 (CNS Canada) – Spring seeding is nearing completion across much of Saskatchewan, although the northeastern part of the province still faces delays, according to the latest provincial crop report from Saskatchewan Agriculture for the week ended June 5.

 Seeding operations were 94 percent complete on a provincial basis, ranging from 98 percent done in the southern regions to only 84 percent complete in the northeast and 88 percent in the northwest.

 Scattered rain showers were reported during the week, with “a significant rain” now needed in much of the province to help crops germinate and emerge and to replenish topsoil moisture, according to the report.

 Topsoil moisture conditions were deteriorating in many southern parts of the province, as strong winds and a lack of moisture cause fields to dry out, according to the report. Yields for both crop and hayland could be hurt if rain is not received soon, according to the report.

 Crop development was delayed in much of the province and most crops are behind their normal developmental stages for this time of year. The majority of crop damage during the week was caused by strong winds, lack of moisture, frost and insects such as flea beetles and cutworms.

 Provincially, cropland topsoil moisture was rated as five percent surplus, 65 percent adequate, 26 per cent short, and four percent very short. Hay land and pasture topsoil moisture was rated as five percent surplus, 53 percent adequate, 32 percent short, and 10 percent very short.

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