Western farmers get liquid fertilizer options

Agroliquid is now bringing its fertilizer products to the western Canadian marketplace.

Reid Abbott, who handles agronomy for the American company, said it offers competitive products with custom blends from nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and sulfur to those with added biological agents and micro-nutrients.

“If you need it, we likely have it and will blend it,” he said about the family-owned company that began serving the fruit and vegetable farms of Michigan in the early 1980s.

The company has its own stabilizer, which it says provides a controlled release for reduced losses from leaching or volatility and broader season release. Based on a flavonol polymer, it is a byproduct of the wood processing industry.

“Our products are designed to work together to get soils where farmers chose them to be for their crop. Every farm is different and in most cases every field,” said Abbott.

“Each one has a cropping history and depending on the size of the operation, even several soil types, so customizing and providing advice is part of what we sell to them.”

Keln Huber of Kel Tech Ag in Grand Coulee, Sask., felt the products would have a fit in the Prairies.

“They have operations in North Dakota and Montana, working with producers there. Dry products are popular in both places, but there are more and more producers choosing liquid,” he said.

“The company seems to be very motivated to do research and pays a lot of attention to soil health, so it seemed like a fit for us as well.”

For example, its 30-0-0-1, 15 to 40 day release product delivers an equivalent nutrient value of about four pounds of nitrogen and a half of sulfur, along with a biological product for $3.63 per U.S. gallon. A delayed release nitrogen 27-0-01 that delivers in about a one-third every 30 days, with similar equivalents, sells for $3.38.

Abbott said pricing is comparable with competitors“but we like to compete on the quality and flexibility side.”

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