Letters to the editor – April 20, 2017

Sask. Party Budget

Another complementary corporate budget. Premier Brad Wall’s Saskatchewan Party is moving that direction with increasing vigour the longer it is in power.

A growing number of people wonder why. Relying on corporate personage as sole support for Saskatchewan must take incredible faith.

At one time, who donated how much to political parties was easily accessed public knowledge.

Democracy claims to be “for the people,” yet to have our ruling political party cheerleading and enabling the corporate takeover of this province’s public institutions, land mass, resources and even water, points to our democracy being subverted to a corporatocracy (rule by the corporations hiding behind a veneer of democracy).

This budget further weakens our democratic ability that insures we remain democratic as opposed to corporations calling all the shots. Democratic freedom is being sacrificed for corporate power consolidation.

Dumbing down of the population into subservience through cuts in education, libraries and public transportation is essential for a corporatocracy to rule.

Already we are bound by international trade agreements that give corporate profit greater priority than our own country’s welfare.

Human freedom is in serious jeopardy in this day and age of security paranoia, complemented with expanding invasive technology and political terrorist-based policy being applied against common people by our own, as well as international security organizations.

There are reasons corporations do not have a right to vote. Functioning democracies reserve that fundamental right for the people it represents and protects from alien powers such as corporations. Lacking the human trait of emotions, corporations have no ability to understand issues of great importance, such as environmental health, or human social cohesion, except in the context of their budgets.

These important issues would have to be expressed under a budget expense heading like “public relations,” “government regulations,” or possibly “how to control democracy in the cheapest way.”

If corporatocracy is how we choose to go, then expect your future generations to be working in sweat shops, or as Walmart greeters, and that’s only if robots and technology hasn’t taken over all those jobs.

Human enlightenment has not evolved enough to guarantee we won’t further enslave the human race because certain egos willingly facilitate it in order to maintain political power.

Greg Chatterson
Fort Qu’appelle, Sask.



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