Big haul for Glacier Farm Media at NAAJ awards

The Western Producer had an excellent showing in the 2017 North American Agriculture Journalists (NAAJ) awards in the column category.

Journalists from the major agricultural publications in North American covet the recognition this very competitive category brings.

The column category “allows the writer to express personal observations, humor or feelings on a topic,” according to the NAAJ website.

Ed White won first place in the column category, while Mike Raine and Robin Booker were the only journalists to receive honorable mentions.

Laura Rance is the content lead for Glacier Farm Media, to which The Western Producer belongs, and she took home second place.

Four out of the five winners in the column category in the 2017 NAAJ awards belong to the Glacier Farm Media team, which is a big nod for the company’s commitment to high quality journalism.

Three writing samples published in 2016 had to be submitted to enter the contest.

Below are links to the submitted writing samples, the judge’s comments on the entries, a short bio and picture of the recognized journalists.

The judge for the contest was George Edmonson, a retired newspaper reporter and editor.

Ed White, The Western Producer – First place.

Ed White has specialized in markets coverage since 2001 and has achieved the Derivatives Market Specialist (DMS) designation with the Canadian Securities Institute.

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Judge coments: These columns are a delight. White delves into issues that, while many may wonder about, few take the time to explore. Boots, radio stations and cemeteries all are grist for his entertaining mill. For those engaged in such a serious and assiduous enterprise, a chance to smile occasionally is a treat. Follow him on twitter here: @EdWhiteMarkets

Laura Rance, Manitoba Co-operator – Second place.

Laura Rance has been writing about agriculture for weekly and daily publications for 36 years. Formerly a national corespondent for the Western Producer and editor of the Manitoba Co-operator, she is now editorial director of Farm Business Communications. Laura grew up on a farm in southern Manitoba and lives on a rural acreage near Carman, Man. Follow her on twitter here: @rance_laura

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Judge: Carefully researched, Rance’s columns present readers with deep information on provocative issues. She is neither doctrinaire nor preachy, whether discussing the role of science in agricultural decisions or the real cost of food.

Mike Raine, The Western Producer – Honorable mention

Mike Raine is the Managing Editor of the Western Producer, with 25 years at the company. He farms on the Regina Plains on a fourth generation Saskatchewan farm. Follow him on twitter here: @MikeJRaine

And the numbers say…

Seven things you need to know

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Judge: Written with a conversational style, the columns provide an engaging presentation of the writer’s view without dogmatism. Raine’s approach aptly mixes facts — notably in the column about the average age of Canadian farmers — with opinion

Robin Booker, Western Producer – Honorable mention

Robin Booker is a reporter, editor, photojournalist and videographer at The Western Producer, who specializes in production issues. Follow him on twitter here: @CDNag

Funds needed for product research

Agnotology in politics

Online peer pressure affects market plans

Judge: These columns are thought provoking and deal with important topics in a clear and easily understood manner. Booker raises significant questions for his readers’ consideration.

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