Mild weather affects winter road weights in Sask.

The Saskatchewan government is reminding truckers to watch for regional weight restrictions on some provincial highways.

The provincial highways department says warmer winter weather will affect truck haul weights on some highways, beginning this week.

Increased winter weights will be removed in southwestern Saskatchewan beginning Friday.

“Truckers and shippers are advised to monitor their loads and watch for restrictions during what is a very sensitive period for some of our highways as the roadbed thaws and becomes weaker,” the province said in a Feb. 22 news release.

Regular updates on winter restriction orders will be published every Tuesday and Friday at 12:30 p.m. until March 15, which is when winter weights are no longer in effect.

Information on weight restrictions will be published at or

Each winter, the arrival of colder weather allows trucks to carry heavier loads.

Prolonged periods of sub-zero temperatures result in frozen roadbeds that can support heavier truck loads.

Typically, extended winter weights run from mid-November through mid-March. This year, mild weather is limiting the winter weight period in some areas.

Truckers are also urged to respect upcoming spring road bans and follow weight limits on secondary roads during the annual thaw period.

Truckers can see the latest road restriction orders and related information online on the Highway Hotline at or by calling 306-787-7623 in Regina or 306-933-8333 in Saskatoon.

Truckers can also call toll free at 1-888-335-7623.


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