Lots of content in big ag sector

Meeting season, planning season, calving season, the legislative season, budget season, wedging in the warm-weather vacation season; call it what you will, many folks think of the growing season as being the busy one in farming country.

But that is a different kind of busy. That is the getting things done season. Now, is the making money season.

It’s thinking season.

Planning what to produce, where to produce it and whom is going to do the work. Planning what to say about regulations and legislation. Planning how to pay for it all.

For grains and oilseed growers, half of their inventory is on the move at this time of year, often the more profitable half.

After large farm events across the three prairie provinces, I can honestly say there are some awful smart folks in this business.

Since Jan. 1, more than 100 seminars and presentations have taken place between the various events and meetings.

Our journalists have reported on many of them. And it’s not over. The American meetings are yet to take place. And what happens in the U.S. happens to Canada. So we will be covering those as well, keeping farmers informed.

I am lucky when it comes to these meetings and presentations. I live and love agriculture. The job of reporting on it and learning about it might be a bit painful at this time of year if I didn’t.

Western Producer information customers, also know as farmers, during the past month have heard from their customers, from the United States, China, Europe, South Asia and Africa; their buyers and traders from Regina to London; and from people who represent their end-use consumers across the globe. Farmers have also heard from marketers and banksters of all sorts, folks who say they will make them rich and might make them poor.

Not many sectors gather together as an entire industry on a global basis over such a tight time period.

There is almost too much information. From time to time, I hear similar comments from you about The Western Producer and the online content at producer.com.

“There is too much. I can’t get through it all,” is a common refrain at our trade show booths and one we also hear sometimes over the phone. To me that means it is about the right amount.

It’s a big business.

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