Deadline nears for veal code input

Public comments are being accepted until Feb. 14 on the draft code of practice for the care and handling of veal cattle.

The code is one of many co-ordinated by the National Farm Animal Care Council using a process that involves multiple stakeholders and interest groups that want input into animal handling practices.

As with other codes, the draft veal code includes findings from a scientific committee that identified priority welfare issues.

Those priorities include housing and facilities for veal calves, which include recommendations on group size, space allowance, age at introduction and disease.

Also on the welfare priority list is fibre in the veal calf diet, risk factors for abomasal (fourth stomach) damage and milk feeding practices such as frequency, daily requirement and satisfying the desire of calves to suck.

The code of practice for veal calves was last updated in 1998. The new code is expected to be finalized by this fall.

The code development committee is chaired by Robert Wynands, a veal producer and president of the Canadian Veal Association.

In an NFACC news release, Wynands and Jeffrey Rushen, who represents the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies on the committee, both encouraged public input to ensure the final code is reasonable for producers and also reflects the values of Canadians.

The draft code can be found at


  • Denise

    What a disgusting and cruel thing to do to dairy calves.

  • Denise

    If you knew how veal is produced you would never eat it again.

  • Denise

    To give you an idea how horrible this veal (calf) business is, there is a petition on Change.Org right now about the cruelty of it. It’s bad enough that male baby calves are torn away from their mothers as babies ,but to be imprisoned and isolated in dark boxes or tiny stalls until they sent to be slaughtered is one of the most inhumane things that I have ever heard of.

  • Denise

    Sorry. Link to will not open. Remembering how those poor animals are treated and never ordering veal in a restaurant or buying veal at your local grocery store is the best thing a consumer can do to bring about this FAR OVERDUE change.
    Ignorance is not bliss and this will surely spoil the appetite of “anyone who had a heart,”when they find out how this tender white meat is produced.

    • Harold

      When i was young, there was a two and then a three channel black and white boob tube,(TV) encyclopedia’s, libraries, and field trips. Today there are multi channeled tubes for boobs, and an Internet packed with “stuff”, chat, facebook, (if you are not popular or important, you can pretend that you are) self-ies of the self absorbed, and etc. What have people become so deeply consumed by, or immersed in, that Veal is not fully understood in this information era? Everyone has to eat, and most three times a day.
      Your use of “Ignorance is not bliss” is misplaced, because one cannot know what one does not know, and neither can one react to what is not seen.
      You must surely realize that there is a media blackout on the subject. If the truth were made public by the mainstream media, the numbers of those who disapprove would be known. Combined with the black out, is a carefully crafted and deceptively worded public message of “all is well”, to undermine distinction, to legitimize their own agenda.
      The test: although you are true, Corporate will be seen as the victim (not you) of slander, and with their ready-made excuses, discredit you, and the people will rest on side with the corporate – and rest they do.(all is well and safe)
      In the most part, Ignorance is not chosen by the public, any more than the day before you first saw and heard the truth about Veal. Ignorance is a creation of government and the corporate.
      Your recent corporate and government experience in your community must have truly exposed this reality.

      • Denise

        There needs to be a documentary done about why and how veal is produced and shown on main stream media networks. It will never happen, though, because it would be so painful to make this doc. and it would be too hard for viewers to watch. NO children could watch it. They would be in tears.The filmmaker would probably not be allowed on these premises,anyway.
        The best thing we can do is talk about it. I guess ignorance is bliss ,for some,for awhile, but eventually the truth comes out of the darkness. Using ignorance as an excuse for not knowing where your meat(veal) comes from,in this day and age, is a weak argument.
        Ask the questions. They don’t want to tell you but ask,anyway.
        Not polite? Oh dear!

        • Harold

          People who place their absolute trust upon their own government, and their agencies, would never consider, or even formulate a question, when spotting veal in the market place. There is nothing for them to ask; when they trust. This is not ignorance; it is misplaced trust. Ignorance is SEEING differences and then choosing not to examine, or to do the right thing.
          Incredibly, many still expect “honest” government, married to the “honest” corporate, to self-clean, while honest public all “sit around” and “talk” about it, amid their repeated failures. Conceding to government, we are considered intelligent. This is ignorance, and beer and wine is its “bliss”
          You are correct in my opinion, that a documentary needs to be aired on mainstream media, but i question why you would give a damn about anyone’s feelings. I don’t. If a documentary is meant to deeply offend ones feelings, then it has done its job, and regardless of children. Without hurt feelings, you would have never wrote your comments. Do you wish to soft sell for sakes? “Inconvenient climate”; instead of animal torture? Children are the victim? Shifting blame for failure? We are taught well.
          The documentary would not be seen or produced because REAL NEWS is no longer their forte. They are (5) Corporate as well, and they do not “bite” the corporate. (censorship)
          What you have identified are the roadblocks to truth, and they are government and corporate placed, and not placed by the public at large to stumble over. We the 35 million People, are the most devalued resource; not by our own doing. We are still in grade one, sitting down and waiting for some authority, to tell us what to think, and how to behave, how to act, and when we are allowed to move, and still under the threat of the principal’s office. We rely on the principal to resolve “bullying”, and “over- reaching teacher” problems, within the “school”. Is someone’s hand up? Wait your turn! We have been taught so well. Everyone be quiet, and now we shall move into small groups for discussion and everyone knows what to do in case the “office” rings the “fire bell” for the “drill”.
          Thanks for pointing out that our minds have never achieved an Adult principal’s status.

          • Denise

            You are right, Harold. A documentary is meant to move people. Create discomfort. The truth is painful and sickening about how these male baby calves are treated. Of course, there will always be whose who prefer to tune out. Hear no evil, see no evil, and definitely speak (of )no evil. Everything is sunshine,lollipops, and rainbows.
            But when baby calves must suffer and subsist in dark pens in order to fulfill someone’s flippant desire for veal ,something is very rotten at the core of our culture.


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