Are you on top of the latest trends?

Agriculture depends on innovation; in fact it was built upon it.

In this issue, we bring you numerous stories about innovation that has happened or is happening in Western Canada and, in some cases, beyond.

To tease your appetite for the contents in subsequent pages, here is a quiz based on the information within:

  1. Being stranded on Mars, as in the movie The Martian, would call for plenty of innovation. What type of innovation is already working in Canada and capable of working on Mars? (Answer here)
  2. There are innovations in dairy cow feed efficiency. Feed makes up what percentage of dairy cow cost of production? (Answer here)
  3. Innovation in farm equipment has long been a staple of agricultural life. Can a person feasibly use a combine to plow snow during a blizzardly prairie winter? (Answer here)
  4. Innovation is also part of the veterinary field. What part of a horse is deemed to be an “unexplored frontier” in terms of research? (Answer here)
  5. Further to innovation involving anatomy, what possible use might there be for an artificial stomach the size of a Coke machine? (Answer here)
  6. Innovations in food are constantly being undertaken. If you weren’t using wheat flour to make bagels, what else might you use? (Answer here)
  7. If you wanted to fund a charcuterie, how would you do it? Extra points if you can define charcuterie without looking it up. (Answer here)
  8. Would you eat insects if you were really, really hungry? Would you do it even if you weren’t? Would anyone? (Answer here)
  9. What are the advantages of innovative perennial cereal crops, if and when they are developed? (Answer here)
  10. Elastic bands for dinner? Only if you cook this innovative new food improperly. What is it? (Answer here)


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