VIDEO: Turtleford grain elevator destroyed by fire

What was once the old Saskatchewan Wheat Pool elevator in Turtleford, Sask., burned to the ground last night.

Turtleford RCMP closed Highway 26, which runs adjacent to the elevator, just before 11 p.m. and it is believed the fire started shortly after 10.

Highway 26 was re-opened shortly after 5 a.m. though fire crews remained on scene at that time.

Fire services from Turtleford, St. Walburg and Mervin attended the blaze, as well as local EMS.

There were no reported injuries.

Drone video courtesy Kelly Baillargeon





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  • bufford54

    It”s always a shame when a part of your history disappears. These old reminders of better days graced the landscape of the prairies in quiet solitude. Railway tracks that once connect communities and contributed to rural growth, were the veins that pumped prosperity into a small community. Giant graineries built of wood rose out of the flat prairies like modern pyramids, bringing people together and forming central locations for commerce to thrive. Gone are the days of so many small thriving towns that made up the backbone of this great country. Gone are the wooden sky scrapers that could be seen for miles. Gone too are the railway spur lines that pumped dollars in and out of these small communities. Gone, but not forgotten.

    • Harold

      Had our Government considered the Railway to be a utility rather than a profit machine, perhaps we’d still have our thriving small community backbone. The rail did not only take away grain, but it could also provide raw resources to future or developing industry, within those small community’s. Local Jobs and competition were eliminated, in favor of corporate multi-national city giant’s, with the removal of the rail. In comparison, what is it costing government and local tax payers to upkeep these crumbling small communities now? The price of rail?


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