Live life to the fullest, says busy farm mom

It doesn’t matter if you’re a farm wife in Scandia, Alta., Steinbach, Man. or Scranton, N.D., all farm wives are in the same boat together, said North Dakota farmer Katie Dilse.

Dilse, who spoke at the Connect, the Heart of the Farm conference in Saskatoon on Nov. 3, said farming wives share many of the same day-to-day problems and issues and need to find comfort with each other.

She said women must live life to the fullest because it’s easy for everyone to become bogged down by the little things that cause stress in the family and marriage. When cracks do appear, it’s important to fix things as soon as possible.

“I have a ride like no other be-cause I’m the only driver of the big rig. And each of you drive your own rig. So, you’ve got to decide, where do you want to go? And how do you want to be remembered?”

“We all know it’s not the easiest job on Earth,” said Dilse, who farms with her husband and four boys in Scranton.

She said there are many parts of life that all farm wives share from raising a family and taking care of the home, keeping the books, working the fields and helping to keep the machinery running smoothly in the busy seasons.

With all these responsibilities, a farm wife’s role on the farm is invaluable in keeping the whole operation running as efficiently as possible.

Dilse said it’s important that when farm wives look in their rear-view mirror, they are pleased with how they lived their lives.

“So I want you to use the space of the windshield to look ahead and dream big and live big because we never know if it’s our last mile. You need to step into that driver’s seat and own it and love it.”

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