For Canada, trade and environment are big worries after Trump win

OTTAWA, Nov 9 (Reuters) – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday said he looked forward to working with Donald Trump after the New York businessman won the U.S. presidency in a victory that could hurt Canada’s exporters and wreck plans to impose a national carbon price.

The left-leaning Trudeau, who supports free trade and higher immigration, is ideologically removed from the Republican U.S. president-elect. In a statement, Trudeau said he would work with the new administration on trade, investment, international peace and security.

Trump had vowed on the campaign trail to revise or tear up the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) under which Canada sends 75 percent of its exports to the United States.

The challenge for Ottawa is that it had assumed Democrat Hillary Clinton would win Tuesday’s election and played down the need for a game plan for a Trump victory. Officials now have to quickly work out how Canada’s export-reliant economy can maintain its privileged access to the U.S. market.

In early September, the Canadian ambassador to Washington said he had already had many meetings with Clinton aides compared to a single session with a top Trump ally. The ambassador was not immediately available for comment on Wednesday.

A source with knowledge of the matter said Trudeau would raise the importance of bilateral trade in his first call to Trump.

Separately, Roland Paris, who served as Trudeau’s foreign policy advisor until late June, said the prime minister should quickly make the case for close economic ties and the importance of the current relationship.

“He needs to be thinking about mobilizing allies at all levels of the U.S. political system,” he said.

A November study by Export Development Canada said exports to the United States could drop between 1.2 percent to 4.5 percent, depending on how radical an approach Trump took.

The Trump win also could imperil Trudeau’s plan to impose a carbon price as part of a commitment to meet international climate change goals. Trump says global warming is a hoax and if he dilutes America’s commitment to combating greenhouse gases, it could make Canadian businesses less competitive.

“Clearly we’re on a collision course with both NAFTA and climate change,” said Fen Hampson, director of global security research at the Centre for International Governance Innovation.

Unlike some world leaders who slammed Trump ahead of the election, Trudeau avoided comment. Canadian officials abroad were instructed not to discuss their preferences, even unofficially, said a second source with knowledge of the matter.

“Personal relations with Trump are clearly going to matter a lot … Trudeau was wise to keep his mouth shut,” Hampson said.

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  • Harold

    The Pundit’s, news media and perhaps the pollsters, never do air the known failures of the NAFTA agreement. Donald Trump has identified those failures, and those same failures are suffered in Canada as well. Neither Canadians or Americans will accept an agreement with barriers which promote job loss or production loss effecting security and the economy. of their own country. Collectively, Americans and Canadians know the value of trade, and therefore trade will never be eliminated, and Trade is not the Issue.
    The Investor part of the agreement (barriers) of NAFTA, is not scrutinized, and left to the publics imagination. We Canadian’s are given the dollar sign’s only, and not an audit of loss comparison. If the investor side of NAFTA were known publicly, Canadians would not wait for Trump to tear-up the contract. Lets hear what Trump says when in Office.

    Those of Science know that the theory of climate change cannot ever be proven, therefore, the taxation associated with a fiction, can only be a hoax. Pollution is one thing and climate is a very different other thing. Trump knows the same.

    Didn’t the same Pundit’s, news media, and pollsters, in their infinite knowledge, predict a Hillary Clinton win? Seem the day after, the same are predicting doom and gloom.
    I prefer reality, over reality TV.

    • bufford54

      Well put sir.

  • Dayton

    I don’t think Trudeau is smart enough to see the writing on the wall unless its in chalk.

    • Harold

      The trouble with Canadians, is that they fail to understand that no one-man can contain the knowledge of the community of man/woman, and this is precisely why Trudeau and others, are society’s REPRESENTATIVE instead. To have your Leader’s fail, is to keep the knowledge of the community silent. A community silent, is why the Leaders never fail to REPRESENT the Corporate. You are correct. Trudeau is not smart enough through no fault of his own, but then neither are we smart in kind. That is the Canadian “ride”, and a failed Democracy. Words that are heard, are with signatures of the Community, and that document expresses evidence of a meeting of the minds.Yelling from street corners, or massing in front of government halls, do no such thing. The results of such a thing is expressed on TV as Zombie’s congregating at a locked and guarded gate. Do you get the feeling of which side of the gate you are standing?

  • bufford54

    Mini Mini Trudeau is about to get schooled in the art of how to run a democracy. He better not let his globalization agenda get in the way or Canadians are going to be in for a very rough ride. The Canadian dollar is sitting at $.74 American right now with a Liberal Democrat in office. Would anyone care to predict where the Canadian dollar will be in the next four years, under a Trump conservative administration?


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