Unharvested acres must be reported by Nov. 15 in Alta.

Alberta farmers who cannot harvest a crop have until Nov.15 to submit production reports to Agriculture Financial Services Corp.

The report must show confirmation that a minimum of 20 percent of insured crop acres were left unharvested.

Depending on eligibility, producers may receive an unharvested acreage benefit that provides a payment of 25 percent of coverage on a per acre basis.

A supplementary advance may also be issued if the unharvested acreage benefit is less than 50 percent of the estimated post harvest indemnity.

“Between Nov. 15 and 30 and weather conditions improve and they can harvest, producers should go ahead and harvest. By the end of the month, AFSC will begin to start assessing those crop reports, and inspectors will go out and see how things fared,” said Marcus Miller, spokesperson for AFSC.

Farmers who decide to turn crops into feed or sell them to an unlicensed buyer should first inform an AFSC branch office.

Requirements for obtaining grades and samples are provided at www.afsc.ca/Default.aspx?cid=3698-3701-3875.

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