New Products

Shifty cart

Ever wanted more from a grain cart auger? The augers move grain in a hurry but often not exactly to the ideal spot in the truck’s trailers.

Shifting around the relationship can be tricky, especially with large four-wheel-drive tractors and in soft fields.

Unverferth has a fix for that with its Brent V-series cart. It can reach out nearly to the tractor’s cab if need be, and the discharge spout can be directed fore and aft and in and out if the grain still isn’t going where needed.

A little off the side

A new smaller version of Hurricane’s side-arm ditching unit is now available if ditching isn’t moving mountains in your fields but still requires a careful touch.

However, the Baby, as it is called, is not a toy. It has GPS control and will run on tractors as a small as 90 horsepower, but it is aimed at the 130 to 150 h.p. crowd.

It will provide automated control of depth and ditch width.

The unit costs about US$32,000 for those looking for old school ditching without the GPS. For all guidance and precision control, it costs about $50,000.



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