DuPont Pioneer expands Saskatoon research centre

The old DuPont Pioneer Saskatoon Research Centre has received new life as it expands to focus more intently on research and development efforts surrounding an emerging market.

The centre has been in operation for over 25 years, but has traditionally looked only at canola.

This year, ultra-maturity hybrid corn and T-series soybean varieties have been planted at the centre.

Bryce Eger, business director and president of DuPont Pioneer Canada, spoke at an open house July 15 on the critical need for agriculture innovation in today’s world.

“We’re sitting in the centre of the largest growth potential for the Pioneer business, nearly globally, and that is Western Canada,” he said.

Eger went on to explain how the company’s four research locations across Canada — Edmonton, Saskatoon, Carman, Man., and Lethbridge — allow for tailored crops to be developed to a specific environment.

DuPont Pioneer has every intention to keep delivering successful products to farmers to increase their profitability, said Eger.

The facility has a strong past of launching new technology, according to Greg Stokke, Western Canada business manager of DuPont Pioneer Canada.

He said sclerotinia resistance, shatter tolerance, clubroot resistance and blackleg resistance products have all come out of the Saskatoon facility.

“You’re producing genetics that are adaptable to this area and that is very important to the farmer because it allows for the greatest success of these crops,” he said.

The facility will continue its canola breeding program but will extend into corn and soybean research to match the growing demand.

Stokke is optimistic the company will continue to invest heavily in research as Western Canada continues to increase its crop diversification.

“For the farmer, the benefit is reduced risk, increased profitability, increased yield through disease traits, insect traits, so the agriculture of the future is very bright,” he said.


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