Earls: “we’ve made a mistake”

Earls Kitchen and Bar has reversed its decision to source all its beef from Kansas and apologized to Alberta beef producers.

In a statement released early today, entitled “Alberta; Earls is Listening“, Earls president Mo Jessa admitted an error.

“We made a mistake when we moved away from Canadian beef,” he said in the statement.

“We want to make this right. We want Canadian beef back on our menus so we are going to work with local ranchers to build our supply of Alberta beef that meets our criteria,” Jessa said.

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“We have deep roots in Alberta. We started in Edmonton and we have many operations and employees here. Alberta has supported us. We need to support Alberta, especially in tough times.

We moved to a U.S. supplier as we thought thought they could supply all of our needs. It was a mistake not to include Canadian beef.”

Jessa said Earls will source as much beef as possible from Alberta.

Earls representatives were reported to have met with Alberta Beef Producers yesterday, after which the statement was issued.

Jessa has publicly stated that it will continue to seek beef from sources that employ humane standards of production.

Social media was alive with congratulations to Earls for its apparent change of heart regarding beef sources. The 65-outlet chain originated in Edmonton, although its head offices are based in Vancouver.

Jessa also released a YouTube video of his statement, which you can watch below:

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  • PortageMain

    It strikes me as kind of a weasly apology: “Earls will source as much beef as possible from Alberta” and “Jessa has publicly stated that it will continue to seek beef from sources that employ humane standards of production.”
    Earls could easily source all of its beef from Alberta if it wanted to, so I don’t see why they had to say “as much as possible.” And the bit about humane standards of production. I’m surprised they would even mention it after the beating they took this week. It sounds like they still aren’t convinced Canada/Alberta has humane standards of production. I’m concerned they’ve left themselves holes in their apology big enough to drive a truck through, and as soon as things settle down they will go back to sourcing beef from their buddies in Kansas

    • Dayton

      What they are saying is not any animal is good enough. They have a stringent criteria. If Alberta doesn’t provide the product within that criteria they will find what their “customers” want. Alberta has to step up to the plate. Not the other way around.

    • Dale Cook

      Thats’ a pretty half hearted apology, as much as possible means it could be nothing, and he obviously won’t take Alberta ranchers word for raising their animals humanly , so why do business with someone who doesn’t trust you,, It is all just a marketing ploy anyway, how many consumers do you really think are sending them letters demanding to know that the beef their eating was raised humanly or they won’t eat there ?

  • Victor

    A google search of “Standards for Humane Beef” will show how many groups of animal welfare rights activates and like minded individuals have banded together to produce this newest scam to stop meat eaters. Take the time to read the information which sets standards for all animals including beef. What a paperwork nightmare! Wrap your head around the extremely high artificial costs this will add for producers. I didn’t see any farmers on the list of members. Farmers of course will have to pay to be members on a yearly basis. Added cost! I truly believe the thrust of this movement is to price meat to a point everyone cannot afford it and become vegetarians. When that happens over a period of time be prepared for more airheads to start a movement that eating vegetarian can be an ecological disaster and they will then determine what else we can eat. Some people need to find a job or a new challenge to do something meaningful for humanity….. hmm….. sounds like humane….. where they start to help feeding the millions of starving people in this world. You can bet someone is going to get very rich controlling these “certified” stamps on any meat!

    • Harold

      So it is a scam to provide added Humane treatment to livestock. It is a scam to remove Hormones and antibiotics from the food supply. It is a scam- Earls is secretly turning its customers into air-headed Veganism. Now the sky will fall unless opposing people attain meaningful Jobs. Thanks for the adventure. Any thoughts about what exactly happens when you take a local food and change it to the word Commodity? (stock exchange, investors etc.) Any thoughts on how starving people buy this commodity? Any thoughts about why farming is so heavily subsidised? Any thoughts on who is rich, and controlling, and bottom line protected, under your current, preconceived as perfect system? Any thoughts as to why our own starving citizens are less important than the starving world population and why we haven’t managed them yet under our own utopian construct? Do you think that the growing number of “air heads” are due to the fact that they never achieved meaningful employment at your farm, nor sat in your classroom? Wealth from “certified” stamps?; Im sure Monsanto and Merck and Cargill and the Government would be interested. Seems like Earls has a lot to apologise for. Their customers are of the mind that protecting the Brand and the dollar is more ethical than upgrading the animals environment and health. Earls ought to have known just how elevated we are. On the other hand, I buy my meat humanely raised, without antibiotics and hormones, and from animals who have never seen a feed lot, and I will apologize to no one. That being said, it is also the reason that I have never purchased a Hamburger nor steak from Earls as of yet. My sky isn’t falling: what do you suppose im doing wrong?

  • Tracy Lockhart
  • Hoopsopinion

    It seems to me that we should spend more time discussing antibiotics and beef. I do not think anybody cares if antibiotics are used to cure diseases. But antibiotic resistant bacteria is a huge problem. Is it worth it just so they grow quicker?

    • Bob Knight

      In canada it is illegal to use antibiotics as a growth stimulant. Should be more talk about it because people are not aware of that little fact!

      • Harold

        In Canada it is Illegal to use Hormones as a growth stimulant. The total use of antibiotics is not recorded in Canada, and its use does stimulate growth, and further creates our super bug resistance to antibiotics. CBC Market Place has already covered this and it is further understood by Heath Canada. In contrast, In the U.S. where Antibiotic use is reported, (2001 figures) non therapeutic use was measured as 10.3 million pounds in Hogs,10.5 million pounds in poultry, and 3.7 million pounds in cattle. In contrast, Human use was 3 million pounds which is eight times less. In Canada is it any different? Moreover, the tested meat you pull off your Canadian food store shelf can contain as many a eight super bugs which are Antibiotic resistant. One of those superbugs is resistant to the only antibiotic that can be given safely to pregnant Mothers. Why? Because it is also administered to animals. In the big picture, because of subsequent harm, no Doctor would administer an Antibiotic to any human who is not sick, but animals are treated with antibiotics regardless. That suggests that animals are sick or soon to become sick or that it is in fact used as a growth stimulant. Either way, the pharmaceutical, food corporations, investors, are the largest profit gains

      • Hoopsopinion

        You are correct. I had no idea that the law was implemented as of jan 01 this year.


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