Producer’s spring photo contest underway

The Western Producer holds a spring and fall photo contests every year, and we are now accepting submissions for our #plant16 photo project.

Don’s photo will contribute a gift certificate worth $1,000 for first place. The contest caught the eye of the American Agriculture Editors’ Association, which awarded The Western Producer second place in their 2015 Digital and Social Media category for the contest.

Submission for the #plant16 photo contest: Megz Reynolds--My little ladies helped me seed 100 acres of lentils today ‪#‎plant16‬. | Megz Reynolds photo

Submission for the #plant16 photo contest: Megz Reynolds–My little ladies helped me seed 100 acres of lentils today ‪#‎plant16‬. | Megz Reynolds photo

When I first developed the contest in 2013, the idea was to help archive some of the many great photos being shared on social media.

Social media is great for sharing photos with family, friends or with thousands of people by including a hashtag with your message.

If you include a #plant16 hashtag when you tweet a picture, many people who will follow the hashtag will see it. Still, within a matter of days it becomes buried under other tweets and difficult to find.

In our #harvest13 photo album you can find photos from the 2013 harvest. A decade from now you will be able to look back at our #plant16 photo album.

My favorite photos show the action close up, of families, friends and farm workers sharing moments. The winner of the #plant15 was of Dennis Duncan and granddaughter Addi sitting on the field looking into the soil to see where seeds were placed.

However, the novelty of drone photography has still not worn off for me and I’m looking forward to these submissions also.

Please send in your pictures of farm life and work during the spring seeding season to with a #plant16 subject title, tweet them to @westernproducer with #plant16, or post them on the WP Facebook wall to get your images included.

Here is the contest!

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