Letters to the editor – April 7, 2016

Tax talk

As a group of people, whether it be provincial, municipal or city, we need a variety of services. Taxes are collected to pay for these services.

We are accustomed to our elected officials buying equipment and hiring people to provide services. Cost savings mean we are taxed less. When provinces do this, the companies formed are called crown corporations.

There are many advantages. For one, profits these companies make go into general revenue, which reduces our tax load.

A private company providing those services likely has a head office in Alberta, Ontario or China. The profits go there, so we pay more in taxes.

We know that grandpas who buy candy, ice cream and toys are popular. A political party can be noted for buying votes. When the electorate realizes that party is getting us into financial trouble, they vote in people who will tighten belts to straighten out the books.

Of course the first party, the one that created the problem, will say life was so much better when they were in power, so get re-elected to start the cycle all over.

When an administration sells off crown corporations or ties the province into 30 year loan payments to balance the books, the following administration is going to be seriously hampered in efforts to pay for our services.

As an example, wouldn’t it be nice if the Potash Corporation, which was a crown, had not been sold? The profits would replace a lot of our current taxes.

A party might brag about cutting taxes. Remember, the way they do it, by paying less now, later, you will pay a lot more for fewer services.

Lorne Jackson
Moose Jaw, Sask.













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