The Spot head lamp lights the way

Few things are as important as a good source of illumination when it comes to being outside from dusk to dawn.

Head lamps have become my first choice for personal light, and the Spot model manufactured Black Diamond Gear has performed well for me.

This head lamp can produce light up to 130 lumens and project light up to 75 metres. The illumination is enough to make trail walking and working during black nights much easier.

Head lamps are particularly useful because they free your hands and always light up where you are looking.

As well, it has both red and white light emitters, which cycle independently to maintain night vision.

Maximum burn time is up to 200 hours using the more energy efficient settings.

I found the head lamp to be particularly useful when walking or working at night beyond the illumination radius of camp and yard lights.

It is water resistant and continues to work in rain and snow. However, it is not waterproof.

The unit weighs only 90 grams and the head band is comfortable. I have worn it for hours without any discomfort and even managed to slip it on over different hats without any illumination or wear problems.

The Spot uses three common AAA batteries, which makes finding replacements simple at almost any convenience store or gas station. There is a battery meter on the side of the headlamp to monitor its charge status.

The head lamp has different modes, but I found using its main light emitter to be the most efficient.

It is easy to adjust brightness by holding down the power switch once the Spot is turned on. The proximity white lights, red lights for nighttime, and strobe functions were nice features but I rarely used them for my general camp and work tasks.

Reading service manuals in poor environments was particularly easy because the head lamp provided more than enough light and kept my hands free to flip through pages.

Black Diamond Gear’s headquarters are in Salt Lake City, Utah. Its products are sold by retailers around the world and directly from its website at

The Spot is offered in many colours and costs about $50. It is a good value when comparing features to cost and is well worth the investment.

Kim Quintin is a Saskatoon outdoor enthusiast and knife maker. He can be reached for column suggestions at or 306-665-9687.

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