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UPDATED: 1350 CST – October 15, 2015 (TPP background story links can be found further below on this page)

TPP results may save Lantic sugar plant from closure

– A deal reached during the recent Trans-Pacific Partnership trade talks appears to have gained more U.S. market access for Canadian beet sugar.

Barley sector pleased with TPP

– The head of the Barley Council of Canada says there is no doubt the Canadian barley industry will realize significant benefits from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

Beef, pork producers cheer outcome of TPP agreement

– Doug Gillespie didn’t join millions of others in following the live public announcement that Canada and 11 other nations had successfully completed the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. However, he was delighted when he returned to his house and discovered the deal was done.

TPP: resetting the trade table

– They might have been a bit grudging about it, but most Canadian dairy farmers breathed sighs of relief when the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal was announced. Rather than being scrapped or crippled as feared by many, the supply management system was only crimped.

Grain, oilseed sectors cheer

– Farmers, processors and exporters in Canada’s grains and oilseeds sector could see huge financial benefits — potentially worth more than a billion dollars a year — from the implementation of Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, say TPP supporters.

TPP trade deal reached, dairy compensation included

– A TPP deal has been made. Canada has announced a $4.3 billion package of programs and compensation to help supply-managed producers as the Trans-Pacific Partnership is implemented.

Canada says Pacific trade deal offers limited access to dairy market

– OTTAWA, Oct 5 (Reuters) – Canada said on Monday that a major trade deal agreed by 12 Pacific nations would only allow limited access to protected Canadian domestic dairy and poultry markets, a politically sensitive issue ahead of the Oct. 19 election.

TPP benefits won’t be seen overnight

– At the onset of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, most indications are that it will likely help grow Canadian agriculture markets.

Opposition on attack as Liberals capitalize on trade agreement

– The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal has been finalized in Atlanta after years of negotiations, delays and an all night bartering session. Details were still emerging about the proposed trade at the time of writing.

Sky not falling with TPP deal

– If you look hard enough, will you find a dead rat in Canada’s version of the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal? Maybe, but the carcass doesn’t appear to be in the farming sector.

Trans-Pacific Partnership deal could tip election

– Rather than being an Achilles heel for the Conservatives, the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement appears to be a positive for prime minister Stephen Harper as the country heads into the home stretch of a long election campaign.

Online makes fast-break play on TPP deal

– There’s nothing like working at a newspaper when “breaking news” occurs. For journalists, it’s a little like overtime in a big hockey game — the pressure’s on and you want to do the best you can to help your team win.

Opposition uses TPP deal as political fodder

– When the 12 country Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement was announced, it instantly became the dominant talking point on the federal election campaign trail.


Older WP stories on TPP:

After five years of negotiations, Pacific trade talks near deal

– ATLANTA, Oct 4 (Reuters) – A dozen Pacific nations closed in on a sweeping free trade pact on Sunday in Atlanta after a breakthrough over how long a monopoly pharmaceutical companies should be given on new biotech drugs.

Supply managed sectors fight back as TPP rhetoric heats up

– Canadian dairy, poultry and egg farmers are fighting back against what they call an “increasing amount of rhetoric and misinformation” surrounding the country’s supply managed agricultural industries.

Canada to pay farmers for any losses under trade deal – minister

– OTTAWA — Federal agriculture minister Gerry Ritz maintains that if the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is signed this week supply managed sectors will be protected.

Canadian farm groups watching Trans Pacific meetings this week

– WINNIPEG, September 28 – Trans Pacific Partnership discussions are once again underway, spurring farming groups into action to rally up support for their causes.

New Zealand dairy farmers say subsidy cuts are survivable — Canadians skeptical

– ACTON VALE, Quebec/WASHINGTON/WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Aug 9 (Reuters) – New Zealand dairy farmers have a message for their Canadian counterparts, who worry that a Pacific trade deal will throw them on the mercy of world markets and devastate their industry: It’s not so bad.
But heavily protected Canadian farmers have reason for skepticism.

Canadian ranchers look to triple trade with Japan

– WINNIPEG — Canadian beef exports to Japan could double or even triple if Canada is successful in signing onto the Trans-Pacific Partnership, according to an industry official.

TPP fails on dairy, auto, drugs

– LAHAINA, Hawaii, July 31 (Reuters) – Pacific Rim trade ministers failed to clinch a deal on Friday to free up trade between a dozen nations after a dispute flared up over auto trade between Japan and North America, New Zealand dug in over dairy trade and no agreement was reached on monopoly periods for next-generation drugs.

Ag ministers pledge support for supply management

– CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. — Canada’s agriculture ministers say they support expanded trade opportunities but not at the expense of supply management.

TPP has great potential for some industries

– Most of the Canadian news coverage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement has focused on the potential threat to Canada’s supply managed dairy and poultry sectors, but the Canola Council of Canada feels the 12-country Asia-Pacific trade pact could increase exports of Canadian canola products by up to $780 million per year.

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