Video: Alberta foodgrains project huge success

EDBERG, Alta. — It took the Edberg District Growing Project three hours to harvest 90 acres of wheat and raise $37,120.87 for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

Harvest may have been quicker, but organizers stopped the five combines at the end of the field to line up for the prerequisite picture of all the combines coming down the field in a row.

It was the first year for the community’s growing project, and the organizers wanted to get it right.

“We’re babes here,” said organizer Terry Gabert, who with his wife, Faith, “hemmed and hawed” for a long time about doing a growing project in their community.

“I decided it was time for us to contribute,” said Gabert, who donated 90 acres of land for the project.

Seed, fertilizer, chemicals, trucks, swathers, combines and the grain cars to haul the feed wheat to market were also donated to help raise money for the project.

“The less we spend, the more we can give to the foodgrains bank,” said Gabert.

“We’re novices at this. We intend to do this for a number of years.”

The Canada Prairie Spring wheat yielded slightly more than 70 bushels per acre, or 157 tonnes of grain. It was sold as feed for $5.75 a bushel.

Organizer Brent Jans said it wasn’t hard asking farmers and agriculture retailers to donate time, equipment and product.

“It was surprisingly easy,” said Jans, who hopes to have a wind-up after harvest to celebrate the first growing project.

There are about 32 growing projects in Alberta.

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