Albertans can report archeological discoveries

Strange new things can appear along rivers and streams when water washes away the soils of time.

That has already been the case in southern Alberta, where severe flooding in 2013 exposed previously unknown archeological and paleontological sites.

An ancient buffalo jump along the Bow River and a fossil dinosaur skull, neck and chest along the Castle River were both recently found when rushing water exposed them to view.

The Alberta government has now launched a program designed to encourage people to report such findings.

Report A Find, which was officially announced today, has a website at

People can also call 780-438-8506 or email to report potential finds.

When contacting the program, information should include the type of object with photos, if possible, as well as the exact location of the find using a GPS location or legal land description. Providing the reporting person’s name and phone number is optional.

“The artifacts and fossils uncovered by flooding in southern Alberta in 2013 are an important part of the historical record and help to bring our past to life,” said Alberta culture and tourism minister David Eggen.

A photo gallery of recent finds can be seen at 72157654215401492.

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