New bagger removes labour, eases transport

PHOENIX, Ariz. — A new grain bagger from Loftness Specialized Equipment adds features that the company says will increase its portability and capacity.

Dave Nelson from the company said the new XLB10 has separate transport wheels and an integrated braking system, which is used to hold the bagger back as grain flows into the bag.

The transport wheels are hydraulically lowered and raised.

“You can roll down the road and there is no risk of burning up the brakes on your bagger,” said Nelson.

The Minnesota company debuted its latest 10 foot bagger at the Commodity Classic show in Phoenix earlier this year.

A crane lifts a cradle that holds the bag over the loading area. The jib and trolley haul the bag up and position it at the top of the loader.

A drape runs under the bag and then is wound back into the machine’s pan. It looks after drawing the bag in place.

Another change is a truck unloading auger, which allows the producer to load the machine without having to dump into the top loading hopper. A 20 inch auger feeds the loader into the bagging area.

The bagger can handle a 500 foot bag rather than the previous 330 foot bag. The machine lists at about US$35,000.


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