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WP reporter Sean Pratt produced a special report about the Saskatchewan Farm Land Security Board’s decision to allow the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board to purchase farmland in the province.

In this special report Pratt lays out some major concerns in the debate. To read it click here:

Is it time to relax land ownership restrictions?

Foreign investors hit paydirt

Will it become even more difficult for young farmers to get established in the province if they have to compete with the $234 billion Canada Pension Plan Investment Board for farmland, and should we be concerned if it does make it more difficult?

Is ownership of farmland by Canadian institutional investors who are not living near the rural communities where the land is located detrimental to Prairie culture?

Or, are laws preventing institutional investors and foreign ownership of Sask. farmland protectionist, and therefore have no place in a free and open economy?

Here is an editorial by The Western Producer that says farmland does deserve special attention compared to other businesses because much more is involved beyond just the land.

Rewards of land investment must be balanced with risks

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Should the CPP Investment Board be allowed to purchase Saskatchewan Farmland?
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