Grain railcar deliveries up slightly

Rail traffic up slightly for Prairies grain. | File Photo

Rail traffic up slightly for Prairies grain. | File Photo

Winnipeg, March 10 – Grain hopper car deliveries in Canada were up slightly in the week ended February 14, according to the latest update from the Ag Transport Coalition. However, both CN and CP continue to fall behind in meeting the weekly demand.

Canadian National (CN) supplied 3,753 hopper cars and Canadian Pacific (CP) supplied 3,282 cars during week 28, for a total supply of 7,035 cars, according to the report. This was up from the 6,566 cars spotted by the two railroads the previous week.

Of the deliveries, 4,924 cars had been ordered in earlier weeks, and the two railways only supplied 29% of the 7,304 cars ordered for delivery during the week.

Overall, the two railways are running about 11% behind in filling orders during the first 28 weeks of the crop year, with CN having supplied 97,692 of the 108,494 cars requested to date, and CP supplying 94,184 of the 106,266 cars requested, according to the report. However, shippers are only still expecting delivery of 10,685 of the 22,884 cars outstanding, when rejected cars, denied orders, and railway cancellations are factored in, said the coalition.

The railway car deliveries favoured traffic destined for bulk terminals in Western Canada during the week. Traffic destined for bulk terminals in Western Canada received 31% of the cars delivered, while non-bulk corridors including the US/Mexico, Vancouver transload and Canadian domestic corridors saw a fulfillment rate of 24% during the week.

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