Delta Track Creeper slow, powerful

PHOENIX, Ariz. — It’s big, but it’s slow.

At .95 m.p.h. and 1,800 r.p.m., the Delta Track Creeper from Winnipeg’s Versatile is the slowest moving, high horsepower tractor on the market.

“We know there is a lot of tile (drainage) happening out there. It takes power, and slow is good for that job,” said Adam Reid of Versatile, fresh from showing it off to the company’s dealers. “It’s the first one of its kind out there.”

The tractor model is based on the heavy duty Scraper Special version of the articulated, four track machine.

The ability to run at full hydraulic flow and drawbar capacity at the low speed allows for single pass, irrigation line or tile drainage plows to work without compromising the machines or the quality of the job.

Camoplast is providing a new track for the Creeper. Those come in 30 or 60 inch widths and will have extra tall but narrow tread bars and an additional fabric layer that connects the drive lugs to the traction belt on the inside of the tracks.

Reid said the tracks are designed for loose and slippery soil. Camoplast is projecting additional track life from the new 6500 model tracks.

The Creeper is available in three horsepower configurations: 450, 500 and 550. They will be powered by the Cummins QSX 15 litre engine pushed through the Caterpillar TA22, 16 speed, power shift transmission.

Reid said the top speed of the tractors is lower than on other models, but for many producers that isn’t as large a priority as having the lower gearing in the field.


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