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In Depth: Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show 2014

With the wind chill approaching -30 degrees Celsius in Saskatoon this afternoon, it seemed like a good time to make some room on my laptop’s hard drive by deleting videos and images I collected over the past year.

When I came to the Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show folder, I thought it a shame to trash the pictures as only a handful were used in the paper or online. I then realized the pictures would work well for the web story page layout The Western Producer is beginning to use, called In Depth.

We are using the In Depth page layout to help organize stories and media WP reporters produce and collect from various ag events they attend.

Below you will find videos I shot and edited, as well as a few stories I wrote based on interviews I conducted at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show.



Video: Corn, soybean planters custom made

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — Kearney Planters of Ontario used Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock earlier this year to display a highly customized planter that it had set up for a customer.

The Kinze 3500 corn and soybean planter is an eight-row, 30-inch planter with 15-inch row capability for soybeans. (Full story)

Video: Herd Navigator collects data, enables quick medical attention

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — Herd Navigator can help producers by automating the busy tasks of laboratory style tests.

It can asses the health of the herds by examining the milk of each cow.

“It’s a lab on the farm,” says Nancy Charlton, a veterinarian and herd management specialist for DeLaval. (Full story)

VIDEO: Drip irrigation brings water to the field with less power

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — Drip irrigation proponents cite several advantages of their form of water delivery.

“(With) overhead irrigation, your pumps tend to be running at anywhere from 80 to 200 pounds per sq. inch. Drip irrigation tends to be 40 to 60, maybe 80 p.s.i.,” said Ray Mackenzie of Vanden Bussche Irrigation, during Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, Ont. (Full story)

Video: New computer programs make traceability easier

An agricultural software company is offering programs that help producers manage, market and track their livestock, right down to individual meat cuts.

Betty-Jo Almond, sales and service manager for Bio, said the software allows producers to show off their good management practices. (Full story)

 Video: Bird’s-eye view offers new field perspective

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — A crop input company has figured out how to use satellite photos to help producers better manage their farms.

Winfield’s R7 Tool is a computer program that uses a historical database of satellite images to create field maps, including soil variability, management zones, yield potential, and profitability maps. (Full story)

Video: System manages dairy barn’s feeding, tracking, calf health

WOODSTOCK, Ont. — People who have been frustrated waiting for calves to finish eating may appreciate the contraption Grober Nutrition is using for its nutrition and management studies in Woodstock.

Emily De Benetti of Grober Nutrition she said this is the second year the company has used the Forster Technik’s feeding system in its trials in the Development Barn on the Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show grounds. (Full story)






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