Sask. proves bountiful location for UFO spotters

Ufology club formed | Club meetings can attract up to 100 people and organizers plan to increase their frequency

Saskatchewan is a hot spot for extraterrestrial activities, according to Sask Ufology Club founders Dianne and Dave Saum.

Dianne said there were 1,700 sightings from Ontario to British Columbia last year and 2,000 this year. Fort Qu’Appelle, Watrous, Lumsden and Saskatoon in Saskatchewan have shown to be hot spots for the activity.

The couple lives in the Watrous and Manitou Beach area and both have witnessed strange events, such as crop circles near the landfill site outside of Watrous and bright, white lights on their summer acreage.

“There was an airplane going from Regina to Saskatoon and these lights dimmed,” said Dianne.

“As soon as the airplane was gone, they came back on. They were there for about 15 minutes; then they zoomed and zipped away.”

Dianne said she and Dave were on the beach at Manitou Beach on Canada Day five or six years ago. Dave was cleaning out his snow cone machine when Dianne saw a big, white light.

Two young men showed up soon after and asked what the couple was doing. They had never heard of a snow cone.

“I just had a really bad feeling about these kids,” she said.

Dianne said she never saw them walk up; they just appeared. When she asked them about the light, one immediately replied it was an air ambulance from Lanigan, Sask.

“After the weekend, I phoned Lanigan and they said they didn’t have any air ambulances that night. I had this creepy feeling.”

However, the Saums aren’t the only ones who have seen unexplainable things on the Prairies. They held their first ufology meeting two years ago and were surprised by what people said and brought.

“There was that guy who had a UFO hovering over his farm house,” said Dave.

The farmer had someone hold up his phone and take a video as he shot at the object with his rifle.

“This thing changed colours and disappeared into the horizon…. He still has the video.”

Another told a story of a friend actually seeing creatures about a metre high get out of an unidentified flying object that had landed behind a hill.

“There are so many stories. They’re incredible.”

Dianne said they began holding their meetings a couple times a year to give people a place to share what they saw. Now they plan to have meetings every four months because sightings aren’t slowing down.

One hundred people are attending the meetings, and she expects the number to grow.

“Nobody knows who to talk to,” said Dave. “And half the people are afraid to talk because they think other people would think they should be put in a home or something.”

The Saums said people from across Saskatchewan attend the meetings, including retired RCMP officers, professors and scientists.

They are working on building Canada’s first ufology museum on their acreage.

“I hope the meetings get big enough that we become the voice for Sask-atchewan,” she said.

Added Dave: “If anyone sees anything, they can phone us.”

The club can be reached at 306-946-3553.

The next meeting is in February.

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