VIDEO: On GMOs, if the informed and the users don’t get out and talk, who will?

The enemies of genetically modified organisms, like almost all the canola farmers like you grow, have high profiles and dominate the public debate about GMOs.

The millions of informed researchers, scientists, science teachers, people with BSCs and even many farmers who have studied genetics have a much quieter voice.

That’s a big reason that anti-GMO sentiment tends to dominate the public’s view about GMOs. Members of the urban public seem to either not care one way or the other about GMOs, or be opposed to them. Few seem to be outright supportive.

That’s not great for the future of agricultural progress, and more of the supporters of GMOs need to get out there and combat some of the outright misinformation being peddled by some opponents.

Some scientists and others have had the guts to weigh in to the debate in recent years, which isn’t easy for them considering the trashing they often receive as a result. But they do it because they think it’s important to speak what they see as the scientific truth.

Here’s a video of two public sector scientists – one Canadian and one American – who recently addressed GMO and science-in-food issues at an event I covered at the Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals at the University of Manitoba.

It’s hard to push back against simplistic misrepresentations when the truth is complex and difficult to simply describe, but some continue to do it.

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