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Farm welcomes international agriculture students

SHIPMAN, Sask. — Anselme Guerin, a student at LaSalle Beauvais Institut Polytechnique in France, is one of two French workers on Barbara and Edwin Podhorodeski’s farm this summer.

In the second year of a five-year master’s program, students must travel to a farm in an English speaking country to farm and learn the language.

“So I chose Canada because it’s just biggest farm, bigger machine, everything is bigger,” said Guerin.

The Podhorodeskis have hosted 14 students from France over the years.

Guerin hopes to take over his family’s farm one day, but first wants to work in the dairy industry.

Louis Thomassin, who recently completed the same program as Guerin, also wants to run his family’s farm.

“I quit my job in November. I used to work for a big website for used farm equipment in France and I got enough. So I came back on the farm and my dad said it’s too soon to be back so take a one year break,” he said.

Thomassin said the biggest difference between France and Canada is the climate.

France’s milder winter allows farmers to seed in September and October and and harvest in July.

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