App makes beef easy to select, handle, cook

Roundup provides know-how | App helps consumers choose cuts and provides recipes

A new mobile app from Canada Beef allows consumers to search recipes, choose cuts and learn food safety tips.

The Roundup was launched internally and with select partners last month, while a hard launch, with news releases, is set for November or December.

Joyce Parslow, director of consumer marketing with Canada Beef, said the organization created the app because consumers are getting busier and their cooking skills have de-clined.

She said it will allow consumers to choose cuts of meat and learn how to cook them, all from the convenience of their phone.

The app offers nine options for the user: beef cuts, cooking methods, recipes, beef buying tips, nutrition and health, safe food handling, about Canada Beef, shout outs, and favourites.

The beef cuts section includes a diagram of a cow with the primal section of the animal identified. Users can click on a section and see what kinds of cuts come from that section. From there they can find cooking instructions for that cut, along with recipes and tips.

Parslow said Canada Beef wanted to make the app mobile friendly so consumers could have something to refer to at the meat counter.

“That’s why we organize things by cooking category, so that they won’t just walk away from the meat counter and say, ‘oh well, I couldn’t find my top sirloin, so I guess I won’t buy anything,’ ” said Parslow.

The app shows the consumers cuts that can be interchangeable.

It also helps consumers perfect their cooking techniques.

“So once you’ve learned how to do a grilling steak, you don’t really need a recipe, you got the technique now that makes you the champion of how to cook that cut, so you can just do it again and again,” said Parslow.

The app has a favourite and share option for recipes as well a temperature placement guide.

Users can bookmark a recipe to find again later or share it to Facebook and Twitter or by email and SMS.

Parslow said feedback has been good, but there were unexpected results.

“I was really quite surprised,” she said.

“I thought especially the gentlemen would be really thrilled to see all the cuts and really interested in that and some of gentlemen we have look at it even said, ‘wow, we just love all these recipes,’ ” said Parslow.

Recipes vary from meals in minutes to meals that children will enjoy.

The app also features a beef storage guide and nutrition facts about beef.

It is available for free for iPhone, iPad and Android.

  • The profile of a cow shows the different cuts available from the carcass. The how-to cook option provides recipes and cooking tips for each cut of meat.
  • The instruction section provides information on cooking and a tenderness guide.
  • In the buying beef tips option, the user can learn about the different grades of beef or check the beef tenderness guide.
  • In the making the grade section, users can learn about the different grades of beef that Canada Beef goes by.
  • The beef storage guide shows users how long they can keep their beef.
  • The recipe option lets users look at recipes in sections such as dollar wise and kid friendly.

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