Kellogg’s commits to ‘responsible sourcing’

Conservation goals Few details available as 
company pledges support to “small-scale farmers”

Kellogg’s has announced a plan it says will commit the company to responsible sourcing and renew its conservation goals.

Details were vague, and company officials did not respond to interview requests. The responsible sourcing component of the plan contains five main points:

  • The company wants to responsibly obtain its top 10 ingredients and materials by 2020 and validate compliance with all direct suppliers by 2015.
  • Kellogg’s hopes to provide resources and education to key suppliers in areas such as efficient water use and improving soil health.
  • The company wants to build programs to help small-scale farmers improve their livelihoods.
  • Kellogg’s hopes to provide programs and education and resources to women in areas of the supply chain with a high number of women involved.

In the natural resource component, Kellogg’s plans to focus on conservation in five areas:

  • It intends to reduce energy and greenhouse gas emissions by 15 percent (per tonne of food produced) from its 2015 performance.
  • It aims to expand its use of low-carbon energy plants by 50 percent by 2020.
  • It plans to increase the number of its facilities that send zero waste to landfills by 30 percent by 2016.
  • It aims to support watershed quality, implement water recycling projects in 25 percent of its plants by 2020, and reduce water use by 15 percent from its 2015 performance.
  • It wants to ensure that 100 percent timber-based packaging continues to be recycled or comes from certified sustainable sources, while also implementing resource efficient packing.

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