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Q: How can an immigration lawyer help you?

A: The face of Western Canada is changing, and the immigrant population is rising steadily, even in rural areas.

There are government websites, general information websites and private agents who are hired to assist in these matters. However, an immigration lawyer specializing in this area of the law and an understanding of the processes can be a great help.

Consider the example of a young wife who wants to join her husband in Canada but is sent back to her homeland because immigration officials do not believe that their relationship is legitimate.

An immigration lawyer can help the couple put together documentation required and prepare for hearings. The lawyer can help explain the processes and advocate for the young people every step of the way.

Another example of how an immigration lawyer can help is when someone wants to enter Canada from the United States but is prevented from doing so because he has a past driving under the influence conviction.

For example, the person might be a systems consultant needed by clients in Canada and may lose his job if he cannot fix his clients’ problem. An immigration lawyer can help get the necessary paperwork, on an emergency basis, to allow him to cross the border and fulfill his job obligations.

Here’s another example.

A young woman from another country, living in Canada, has not yet received her landed immigrant status papers. She gets word from her country of origin that there is a family emergency and she must return to her homeland.

However, if she leaves Canada for any reason, will she be able to return if she has not received her official papers? With a lawyer’s help she is able to obtain the temporary paperwork that can ensure her safe return to Canada.

All of these examples are based on true stories. For a much clearer dramatization of these stories, see the videos produced by the Canadian Bar Association’s Immigration Law Section at

There are three videos titled How an Immigration Lawyer Can Help.

The CBA is the voice of the Canadian legal profession and advocates for lawyers and judges, but it also works in areas such as law reform, access to justice and upholding the rule of law.

The Immigration Law Section provides professional development for lawyers as well as general information to the public on matters of immigration law. It also makes submissions to government and the courts on immigration law issues.

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