‘Stolen’ heifers were never gone

A case of lost and found has left one Alberta rancher red faced.

Last month, 59 heifers were reported missing from the Allan Hobbs ranch near Czar. A thorough check of records and cross referencing of electronic ear tags discovered the cattle numbers were entered incorrectly, said cpl. Dave Heaslip of the RCMP’s livestock investigations unit. 

The cattle were entered as heifers when they were actually steers bought earlier in the year. 

The owner said he did several head counts and searched but could not find the cattle. 

The error was discovered following an investigation that included a cross check of the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency numbers and ear tags.

Heaslip said all’s well that ends well because the situation raised awareness among producers to continue branding their cattle and maintaining good records.

“It increased awareness about what could happen,” he said. 

“A lot of people have a brand, but they never get to it.”

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