Scope uses coloured dot to help quickly lock on target

The Barska Dual Color Red Dot Scope is an unmagnified optic designed to help a shooter quickly get on target.

It has 40 millimetre lenses, weighs 8.7 ounces and is 4.5 inches long. It comes with hardware capable of mounting to either 3/8 or 5/8 inch bases.

Rather than using traditional iron sites or rifle scope reticles, this scope uses an illuminated dot of light to assist in aligning a crossbow or firearm with its intended target.

The shooter may select the dot’s brightness and green or red colour with a simple dial.

The colour option is useful when dealing with different shooting environments, Selecting an appropriately contrasting colour allows users to reduce their chances of visually losing the dot in the natural background around them.

Establishing point of aim is easy with both eyes open because the scope is unmagnified. The dot is easy to find in the shooter’s natural vision, which provides a wide field of clear view and excellent targeting speed.

The dot is visually the size of five minutes of angle (MOA) and is about the size of a five inch diameter disc at 100 yards.

The optic lenses are coated to resist the effects of fog, rain and snow. If kept clean, they were clear and properly non-reflective.

The site is adjusted through the same elevation and windage turrets one would find on a traditional rifle scope.

This optic is best used at shorter distances because it is unmagnified and the dot is five MOA.

Using a .22LR rimfire rifle, I found the scope appropriate for targeting gopher-sized targets up to 50 yards. One could use it to shoot up to 100 yards, but an optic designed for fast target acquisition may not be the best selection at those ranges.

The illumination of the dot was adequate in all but the brightest days. It was easy to visually lose either dot colour in natural background with a clear sky and brilliant sun. It would be useful for the dots to be brighter, but this would likely require more powerful batteries than the lightweight coin cells that the scope’s electronics use. The illumination was sufficient on moderately overcast days.

The mounts were barely adequate in our testing. They could loosen easily on something more than the mild recoil of a rimfire rifle. Some blue loctite on the threads of the mounting screws may solve that problem.

The Barska Dual Color Red Dot Scope is a good optic for fast, short-range shooting. It is an entry-level scope both in performance and price at around $90, so makes for a balanced purchase option. It is fun to use on rimfire rifles and a great way to get some personal experience in the red dot world of optics.

Kim Quintin is a Saskatoon outdoor enthusiast and knife maker. He can be reached for column content suggestions at



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