CGC’s says on-line application for producer cars convenient, will increase efficiency

The Canadian Grain Commission is streamlining the process for ordering producer cars.

Earlier this week, the commission launched a new on-line system for submitting producer car applications.

Producers who administer their own cars, as well as producer car administrators and agents can now register for an on-line account.

The system will begin accepting applications for producer cars on July 14.

The commission also announced that all outstanding applications for producer cars in the 2013-14 crop year will be carried forward into the new crop year.

Producers or agents who applied for a car for the 2013-14 crop year and have not yet received their car will have their applications carried forward and processed for the 2014-15 crop year at no additional charge.

Cars will be prioritized in the order the original applications were received. Factors affecting prioritization include factors such as requested type and grade of grain, and port availability, the CGC said.

The commission is encouraging producer car loaders, administrators and agents to register early to avoid unnecessary delays when the application period for producer cars for the 2014-15 crop year begins.

Producer car administrators or agents must use the online system to apply for producer cars for the 2014-15 crop year.

Producers who self-administer their cars may still apply by fax if they do not have internet access.

“This new system will allow the Canadian Grain Commission to process applications more efficiently,” said the CGC’s chief commissioner Elwin Hermanson. “It’s also more convenient for producers and industry because you can apply for a producer car from anywhere you have an internet connection.”

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