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Introduced as a smaller scale prototype last year, CleanSeed Agricultural Technologies CX-6 seeder was big hit with farmers and the business crowd. The Vancouver based company changed the usual approach to metering seed, with more electronic management, softer rollers and wireless communication from each run and for each product.

Six products are metered on the go, for complex blending and variable rate control. For this season the company has introduced a 60 foot unit with a central air feed from a high capacity product cart.

Colin Rosengren, VP of agronomics at the company, said this allows for individual points shut off at each of the openers, and individual metering row by row, different products, different blends, different rates.

“At a plant resolution level we can apply exactly what we want of each product,” Rosengren said.

After the product and seed is metered it’s dropped down to to the triple shoot opener.

“There is three placements capable as we run and we can adjust them by simply turning a knob on the back of the machine to place product on the left side, the right side, paired row, or down the point,” Rosengren said.  “Any product can go anywhere simply by turning the knob at the back of the single tool bar.”

The Drill has a central fill system similar to planters that brings product out to the meters. The tank, which has 450 bushel capacity in 6 compartments, is mounted on the frame with the track system underneath for better floatation.

Each Metering system has six product mini hoppers that the air system supplies and maintains a level of seed and product.  Below that there is the individual meters, three on each side that are electronically driven by stepper motors. “That gives us a full range of rate variability that is very easily changed with electric drive, Rosengren said.

The metering system units are wirelessly controlled, and are independently controlled for things like seeding depth and rates of each individual product.

“Each one is it’s own drill that eliminates overlap and compensates for corners as well as applies up to six products at individual rates at each row,” Rosengren said. “It’s incredibly accurate, it simply drops seed in each opener, instead of blowing it out an introducing error down the line.”

If there are any issues with the metering unit is modular and can be easily replaced.

The CX-6 has been built on a front folding toolbar to make room for the arms that come around for transport. This also makes each opener easy to work on.

Rosengren said Clean Seed Agricultural Technologies is developing a shuttle cart system where they will refill the tank on the go without stopping.

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