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Interior scraper cleans out baskets

Rolling baskets get their own scrapers, on the inside.

Packing and harrowing behind vertical or disc tillage can be a challenge in wet conditions. Rolling baskets are especially prone to plugging with heavy soil when times turn damp.

Self cleaning, as the rolling basket spins, provides clearance for the tool.

Brian Perkuhn of Summers in Devil’s Lake, North Dakota, says the need for a paddle harrow in tough conditions is even greater than when soil is dry.

The units break up clods and mix crop residue into the freshly tilled soil.

One of the company’s engineers also farms and needed a solution for North Dakota conditions.

Scrapers on the outside allow the centres to fill with mud, so he put the mud cutters on the inside of the baskets.

Bars are placed inside the open centres of the rollers and remain fixed down the internal length the packers.

As the roller turns, the scraper dislodges any mud that has built up.

The internal bar scrapers can be removed for conditions where the producer doesn’t need them.

The scrapers are standard equipment on the latest versions of the six, eight and 10 foot units.

They are offered with the company’s three bar, mounted harrows and its Supercoulter and as an option on its 2510 DT.

For more information, visit or call Perkuhn at 701-665-3703.

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