Video: Canada’s Weekly Farm Update – March 29, 2014.

In this week’s video:

Federal agriculture minister Gerry Ritz and Saskatchewan agriculture minister Lyle Stewart comment on Ottawa’s new legislation aimed at improving rail service to Western Canadian grain shippers; Richard Gray, professor at the University of Saskatchewan’s Department of Bioresource Policy, says where he thinks investments are needed in Canada’s grain transportation system; Truck drivers at the Port of Vancouver are off the picket line and back in their rigs; Provinces ease spring road restrictions; Details on CWB’s planned construction of a concrete elevator in Manitoba; Ellen Pruden, Manitoba Canola Growers’ manager of education and promotion, talks about their campaign to reach dieticians, home economists, food lovers and the general public; Mairlyn Smith, says the decline in cooking skills is leading to poor diets and an increase in disease; McMillan’s Markets; Vince Davis, an extension weed scientist at the University of Wisconsin, talks glyphosate resistance; Jeremy Russ, an extension agronomist at the University of Arkansas, talks about glyphosate tolerant Palmer amaranth;  Aphanomyces are decreasing Saskatchewan pea yields; Roundup Ready alfalfa will not be available to Canadian growers this spring; A new canola, resistant to sulfonylurea chemistries will likely reach growers in time for planting the 2016 crop; Pork producers in Canada have been told to cease the use of blood plasma in feed; Pictures from Ritchie Bros. Auction heavy equipment sale March 25, 2014.



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