Tire busting tool saves fingers, prevents injury

BRANDON — Mounting and dismounting tires is an arduous and dangerous task.

However, better tools can make a difference, says Justin Ochoa, co-owner of Pneu-Tek Tire Tools.

“Bad tools definitely increase the risk,” he said.

“Well-designed tools make a difference when it comes to safety.”

Ochoa and his father started designing tire tools 30 years ago. They have more than a dozen patents on tools routinely used in tire shops.

They are best known for their Bead Seater, which they introduced three decades ago.

The Impact Bead Breaker clamps firmly to the wheel with a wedge forcing itself into the bead and an anchor arm exactly opposite the wedge on the exposed side of the rim.

One threaded bolt drives the wedge down while the other threaded bolt drives the anchor arm down.

All it takes is a couple zips from the impact gun on each bolt to force the anchor and wedge down, and the bead slides loose.

“The idea is to make your impact gun do more of the work for you,” he said.

“The operator simply guides the tool and squeezes the trigger. We feel our tire tools are safer because we very deliberately take the strain off the operator and put it on the tool.”

He said safety is a top priority in designing tools.

“If you’re fighting the tire, you’re opening up greater possibilities for an accident. If you’re fatigued and sore, that increases the risk even more. We want the tool to do the work for you. Your job is simply to guide the tool.”

The Impact Bead Breaker sells for $525 US, while the Impact Demounter sells for $625.

For more information, contact Ochoa at 575-430-9628 or visit www.pneu-tek.unlimited.com.

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