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Pulse growers tax credit

Producers who pay a checkoff to Saskatchewan Pulse Growers can earn a federal investment tax credit through the Scientific Research and Experimental Development program.

The credit is based on the amount of levy money spent on research and development.

This year, 25 percent of the pulse levy qualifies for the credit, which is notably lower than in 2012.

Growers can calculate their total levy contribution by referring to their pulse sales receipts.

The remaining check-off amount is eligible to earn a credit up to a maximum of 20 percent for individuals and up to 35 percent for Canadian private corporations.

The 25 percent consists of research performed in Saskatchewan (24 percent) and Manitoba (one percent).

Crop planning Software

Alberta producers can take advantage of a free computer software download that can help evaluate their crop planning options.

CropChoice$ version 3.8 will be released March 31. It will continue to provide producers with the ability to test different cropping scenarios and measure potential profitability.

The new software features 40 crops that can be entered into simulations. Growers can create up to eight cropping scenarios at one time to measure and compare.

CropChoice$ can estimate the worst, best and most likely values for yields and prices.

It will also estimate benchmarks based on the selected crop and soil zone if the required inputs are not known.

The latest upgrade has also been updated with AFSC’s newest insurance numbers to help determine risk management.

For more information, contact the Ag-Info Centre at 310-3276.

Milk, egg producers educate

Alberta Milk and Egg Farmers of Alberta have created a new online teaching module.

It is the latest addition to the Power Up teacher programs for nutritional education.

The module provides approaches, strategies, tools, assessment and student learning support for independent studies and in the classroom.

Icons allow navigation and identify learning, extension, assessment and weblink support sections.

For more information, visit

Dairy program encourages home cooking

Registered dietitians at Dairy Farmers of Canada are attempting to inspire people with the Simply Cook and Enjoy program.

The program, which coincides with nutrition month in March, aims to show Canadians that eating healthy at home doesn’t need to be complicated. Educational material can be downloaded from the Dairy Nutrition website.

For more information, visit



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