Video: A host of issues and vexations at KAP

Every year the Keystone Agricultural Producers annual meeting is a great way to hear about the many issues and problems bedevilling Manitoba farmers.

This year was no different, but the pipeline explosion south of Winnipeg provided a special flare and illuminated the vulnerability of farmers to major breakdowns in the energy and transportation systems they rely upon.

But on top of that extra drama was the general grinding-through of issues Manitoba farmers have to deal with, from succession planning and dealing with Baby Boomer dads to farm safety to grounded air ambulance services to Lyme disease among beekeepers to the clogged nature of the Prairie grain transportation system. KAP also spent a session figuring out how to reinvent itself to remain relevant and to grab onto the momentum the last year of surging membership sales has created.

Here are some clips and extraneous commentary from me as I attended the event:





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