Look at canola, cackling cow — and costly bull

Debate was lively last week over the Canola Council of Canada’s change of heart on canola rotations, which, the council says, can be a one-in-two year proposition for some farmers.

Our headline on the story, Shorter canola rotations said OK, was de-clared inflammatory and inaccurate by some in the Twitter universe.

I would argue it was as close to objective and accurate as five words could be. It’s true, perhaps, that adding the words “for some” at the end might have improved matters.

Lyndsey Smith of RealAg suggested the headline, Use 1/2 canola rotation with caution, which is another good idea. It depends on what you think is the main angle of the story.

Our perspective is that the story is as much about the canola council’s altering their policy as it is about the change itself. It’s quite significant to go from one-in-four to one-in-two years.

Still, the great canola rotation debate on Twitter was an interesting and, I trust, healthy airing of points of view. I think we can expect the debate to rage on in the coming months.

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Speaking of Twitter, if you still haven’t seen Janet Kovich’s hilarious posting, check it out at @J_Ko__.

“No matter how bad ur day is at least ur not stuck in a fence getting laughed at by a cow,” Kovich tweeted. Don’t miss the “photo” that goes with this.

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Speaking of humour, page editor Catherine Rumancik was walking by my office door when she heard me say, apparently rather loudly, “Holy cow.”

Just to be clear, it wasn’t intended to be a pun, but only an involuntary expostulation.

In any case, she poked her head in and asked what was up. I held up my proof of the front page of the Livestock section that featured the $600,000 bull that had won grand champion at the Denver stock show.

“Owning this bull is kind of like winning the lottery,” I said.

“If it was my bull,” said Catherine, “I wouldn’t want to leave it out in some barn. I would be staying out there right next to it.”

My feelings exactly.

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Some time ago, I noted that The Western Producer building was up for sale. It has now been sold, but we are staying put. I thought that might be helpful information for those of you who drop in from time to time.

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